Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Leeds Fire Alarms can design, install and service systems to BS5839 parts 1 and 6. Following a fire-risk assessment you should know whether your business needs a fire alarm and what category the systems should be designed to.
Contrary to first thoughts it is not the fire alarm company who should be suggesting the category of the system. An approved designer once given the requested category should be competent to design a system to entirely meet the category. They can of course advise and give examples of similar businesses and the categories chosen and why.
There are several people who should be involved in the choice of grade:
You – what are you wanting to achieve with the installation of a fire alarm?
A Fire Risk Assessor – after conducting your risk assessment or having a consultant undertake one then the decision should be clearer.
An insurer – often an insurance company may have requirements commensurate with the liability they are insuring.
Building Control – At either new-build or renovation stage building control often stipulate specific fire protection.
The Fire and Rescue Service – dependant upon the type of business you run they may have some input but are largely an enforcement body rather than a prescriptive one.

Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance

It is a legal requirement to test your alarm system on a weekly basis and record this, for many companies this is quite a simple procedure but there are certain businesses who struggle to achieve this requirement.
A good example would be the common area of a block of flats, rarely is any resident willing or able to be available at the same time every week to carry out this test. In circumstances like this we are there to help and can offer weekly testing for Skipton based companies and organisations.

Fire Alarms must be maintained and the minimum requirement is two (six-monthly) service visits per year – annual testing only is not acceptable.
We offer bi-annual servicing at cost-effective pricing.

Existing systems can be taken over and maintained contact us NOW for a free quotation..

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