Fire Extinguisher Supply

Our FETA certified designers can design a portable-fire extinguisher specification suitable for your premises. We supply, commission and maintain all types of portable fire extinguishers: Dry Powder, AFFF Foam, Water, CO2, Wet Chemical and Fire Blankets.

It is not only important to understand which extinguishers can be used on which type of fire but also which is the best to use in each individual circumstance.
How big an area can one extinguisher cover?
If it is physically too big can your staff lift and operate it safely?
Have you considered business continuation?
Some extinguishers may put out the fire but leave a HUGE mess behind them, not great in a kitchen, clothing store or electronics shop.

There are indeed multiple options in terms of extinguishers,  but specifying extinguishers best suited to your premises relevant to potential fuels, location size, staffing requirements etc. is really best left to a FETA / BAFE certified professional.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

It is a legal requirement to have extinguishers serviced annually in line with BS306. Following a service visit we provide you with a twelve-month Certificate of Compliance to place with your fire-safety management documentation.

Every type of extinguisher requires an annual basic service but many require an extended service on five year intervals. The life-span and replacement requirements also vary depending upon the type of extinguisher used.

Extinguishers Requirements

– Must be commissioned onsite immediately prior to fitting
– Must be serviced annually.
– Must be inspected monthly by the customer.
– Operators must be trained in the use of extinguishers.

Extinguisher Training

It is the responsibility of every UK business to ensure that all their employees are trained in the use of portable fire-fighting equipment.

Showing the different types of extinguishers together with a clear explanation on which one to use on specific fires.
Also explaining the theory of ‘fire’ and the reason for the use of a specific extinguisher.

It’s important to emphasise that extinguishers are first-aid only and only SMALL fires should be tackled.

You should train all your staff in the correct selection and operation of portable fire extinguishers.

Training DVDs are not regarded as training without a ‘Test of Understanding.’

When it comes to a real fire would would you know how to operate a portable fire extinguisher, which one to choose and why?