Fire Extinguisher Servicing Leeds

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing Leeds

If your business has fire extinguishers then UK fire safety legislation requires you to have them serviced annually. Whether your business requires extinguishers should be determined by your fire risk assessment, however the vast majority of businesses do.

There are different types of extinguishers designed to fight different types of fire and therefore they hold different types of contents. The varying contents within an extinguisher influences the requirements for servicing and to the average business owner this seems a little confusing. It also offers an opportunity for unscrupulous suppliers to change extinguishers when unnecessary and continually charge a different amount each year with the excuse of the confusing standards. It is true that the charge is likely to vary which is a pain for most accountants however we have a simple way for you to budget and know exactly how much you should expect to pay in the coming years.

The rules are this:

Every extinguisher must be serviced (basic service) once a year.

All except CO2 must have an extended service every fifth year. (i.e. fully discharged, inspected internally, refilled, re-gassed) and on the 20th year must be replaced.

CO2 extinguishers require a basic service every year and on the 10th year must have a pressure test However the expense in sending extinguishers away to be tested on a rig before being returned means in practical terms they are replaced every ten years.

So, considering you may well have not bought all your extinguishers the same year and some have been replaced along the way you can imagine it gets confusing (e.g. some are 2 years old, some are 1 year old, some are 5 year old etc.)

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Leeds

However we have a simple excel sheet with the extinguishers listed by type and year of installation the formulas then populate other columns showing, for the next five years, which will need a basic service, an extended service or replacing. This allows you to accurately predict your extinguisher bills for coming years. This would not be a service offered by many extinguisher companies, typically employing commission-based sales engineers who are incentivised to sell to earn a decent wage. Our engineers are not sales engineers and are salaried. Their only interest is to carry out the job properly and keep you legal.

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